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Welcome to the Nairobi Metal Detector Website. Metal detecting is an excellent hobby allows you to discover gold and minerals under the ground, We offer you the best service and help you choose a good product for the detection of gold and minerals .. +More

New products

  • GPZ 7000

    "NEW" Deep gold detector

    --- price : 8900$

    Eureka Gold

    gold detector

    --- price : 1300$

    SDC 2300

    gold detectors

    --- price : 3500$
  • Deep hunter pro

    Gold and treasure detector

    --- price : 7200$

    Gold step

    Long Range gold detectors

    --- price : 7200$

    BR 50 GS

    Long Range gold detectors

    --- price : 3800$
  • Mirror

    under cars checking

    Garrett PD 6500i

    Walk-through metal detector

    Super scanner

    Hand-Held metal detector